The Pivičan-Kosi agritourism

Drakovci 107, 9243 Mala Nedelja+386 (0)41 684

Who are we

An amazing gourmet experience amid idyllic hills of the Prlekija is what you are looking at if you drop by and sit down to an artfully-rendered farm-to-table feast or to an unrivalled experience sampling their wines. They are passionate about wine making and produce superb whites, reds, and sparkling wines. Their wine cellar is Ground Zero of wine tasting paired with home-made »kvasenica«, »gibanica«, or »ajdov krapec«, all mouthwatering local delicacies, or you can opt for home-made meat product pairings instead.

Freshly picked vegetables and fruits with an emphasis on the opportunity to nibble on delicious golden or purple-reddish seasonal table grapes (at the harvesting time for grapes, though) is what you are in for at this ideal stopover.

More goodies are waiting for you to be had at their place – among them pumpkin seed oil produced from their own crop.

Accommodation is available as well in case you want to take in more of the idyll everywhere around you, and picnic area is also part of the deal, are you to bring your own picnic basket.

They cater for family celebrations and corporate events, and in the nearby forest, fungophiles are up for a treasure-hunt-like adrenaline rush making for the woods to hunt mushrooms. For birders, the area makes for a hot spot in its own right. Or you can set out to the nearby Bioterme organic spa resort on foot so as to enjoy a good soak in the mineral waters just two kilometers away, or grab life by the handlebars and pedal fantastic landscapes and stop at any of the cutesy villages en route.

Constant offer

  • Accommodation
  • Wine, sparkling wine
  • Food
  • Homemade meat products
  • Homemade spirits
  • Homemade pumpkin oil
  • Cold cuts
  • Celebrations of events
  • Tastings

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