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The iconic village of Jeruzalem is by default a gem of the region, which goes hand in hand with the reviews about the place considered one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. The tradition of viticulture in this area goes back as far as 2,400 years to the younger Tertiary which is to the times even before the Romans arrived in these parts.

The small picturesque village of Jeruzalem is more or less accrued around the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, a hilltop shrine that stewards the vast Ljutomersko-Ormoške gorice vineyards. The area around the church commands breathtaking vistas and unparalleled scenery everywhere you turn to look. Legend has it that the crusaders from medieval times on their way to today's Palestinian and Israeli Jerusalem felt the power of the place and were so impressed by its beauty and the hospitality of the locals that they felt prompted to bestow it with a Biblical name.

Local winemakers are known for their supremely delicate whites, so wine experts and enthusiasts can count on sampling the very best of whites and reds in the region. With such a variety of predominant whites, the experience could be dubbed »the symphony in white«.

Regardelss if you choose to get around the Jeruzalem Wine Road on foot, by bike, car or bus, these hillside terraces planted to vine, impressive poplars flanking the winding back roads that run between vineyards, stunning views and the loveliness of landscapes will remain etched in your memory for good.

The landscape park set within 1,345 hectares (3,323 acres) of the Jeruzalemske gorice vineyard hills is also made up of a complex of six circular ponds in a beautiful peaceful natural environment. You will find it at the village of Podgradje near Ljutomer. The ponds with a rich ecosystem are home to many animal species and provide a magnificent opportunity to walking and exploring nature in the most pleasant company of birds singing and fluttering above and around, elegant swans gliding by, all too easily scared ducks, and other inhabitants.

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