Harness racing and horseback riding

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Sunday afternoon harness racing events at the Ljutomer track are a tradition and an experience not to miss out on. The Ljutomer area can be described as the cradle of equestrian sports in Slovenia, so it is quite expected for the first harness races to have taken place here, and this indeed happened back in 1874, with the town having kept the tradition going strong ever since.

You can have a look at the history of local horse breeding in the Ljutomer Trotter Museum on the premises of the Ljutomer Trotting Club. There are stables there as well as a standing invitation to take a tour of the hippodrome and meet some of these beautiful and noble animals from up close. Younger generations will be entertained by a short film telling the story that features a playful foal Jona. She will walk the kids through the history of harness racing, the Ljutomer trotter horse breeding, and explain how horses were a crucial component of life and culture in the area. With a bit of luck, you may also see some trotters training.

In case you want to try horseback riding at the nearby Vrbnjak tourist farm stay, children and adults alike are welcome to do so, or you can opt for a scenic horse-drawn carriage ride around the place.

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