One can always see far beyond in this land.
(Ante Trstenjak, 1968)
The land of picturesque landscapes and wonderful vistas is a gem for every taste offering a wide range of accommodation that will perfectly suit your needs. Pick your favorite.
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In response to the legislation imposing coronavirus restrictions, events are currently unavailable.

Adventure vacations
Browse through the experiences and set off to conquer a land of sun and wine.
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Our top experiences and themed vacation packages around the Prlekija are customized to your personal interests and pace designed to help you unwind and relax to your heart's content.

In response to the legislation imposing coronavirus restrictions, events are currently unavailable.

»The Prlek’s been, the Prlek’s seen, and had fat soup at the canteen.«

Prlekija is famous for its exceptional quality local products, excellent wines and traditional cuisine. Spoil yourself with everything that region has to offer.

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Prleška tünka, Prleška gibanica, homemade pumpkin seed oil and much more. Taste all of the Prlekija.
Town of Ljutomer. The Jeruzalemske gorice in Ljutomerski ribniki landscape park. Trotter horses. Pottery. Cycling.
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Doživetja, ki jih v Prlekiji ne smete izpustiti. Narava, šport, zgodovina in lokalna tradicija.
Favorable weather conditions in the region always allow for a diversity of outdoor cultural, sports, entertainment and culinary events to be taking place. Join the locals and enjoy.
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Prlekija se nahaja v severovzhodnem delu Slovenije
The Prlekija Tourist Cooperative unites local providers of tourist accommodation and other activities, as well as providers of local food and other products.
More about Prlekija

Prlekija is a region located in northeastern Slovenia and tucked between the Drava and Mura rivers in close proximity to the international tripoint of Croatia, Hungary and Austria. Together with the region of Prekmurje north of the Mura River, it forms the Pomurje. Ljubljana and Zagreb are less than two hours away, and it takes about three hours to get to Vienna, Bratislava or Budapest by car, but you can also take a train since an inter-city service runs between the capitals.

Grossmann fantastic film and wine festival

kulturni dogodek

»Grossmann«, a non-commercial and unconventional Prlekija Film Festival has garnered an international recognition in recent years. It provides a truly unique cinematic experience so it is not a coincidence that the event attracts primarily film enthusiasts without prejudice and particularly artsy folks seeking boundary-pushing films, or others who take to experimenting with what’s right on the edge of good taste .

Besides the movies shown in both an outdoor cinema and the traditional indoor cinema theaters, the program offers a variety of other side events covering exhibitions, interactive hands-on workshops, e.g., one on making masks and creating special effects, followed by the signature »Zombie Parade« around town.

The festival that takes place at the heart of a wine country region naturally features wine tasting and drink events. Having grown into such an extensive art event, it has been considered one of the most interesting film spectacles in this part of Europe.

The festival is named after Dr. Karol Grossmann, who made the first Slovene films in Ljutomer in 1905 (Departure from the Mass in Ljutomer, the Fair in Ljutomer, and At the Home Garden), which are on display within the Ljutomer General Museum Collection. The Grossmann Fantastic Film and Wine Festival has been held in Ljutomer for 15 years in a row now, and since 2010 has also been an affiliated member of the Méliès International Festivals Federation (MIFF). Definitely worth a visit!

Harness racing

športni dogodek

Trotting races held on Sunday afternoons are an important part of the local tradition. The Ljutomer trotter horse has been bred in the area since the first horse races in Slovenia were held in 1874 at Cven near Ljutomer. Summer Sundays therefore present a great opportunity for families to have fun rooting for their favorite horse. Attending the event also implies getting to know local traditions, or perhaps getting acquainted with one or more beautiful trotters after the race, chatting up a friendly local or a horse owner, and treating yourself to a cold and refreshing home-made spritzer.

St. Martin’s Day

zabavni dogodek

Where else to celebrate the feast of wine than in Prlekija’s capital of Ljutomer, where St. Martin's day marks the day when the must traditionally turns to wine. Tasting the new wine is the central point of the celebration accompanied by ceremonial baptism of the new wine, dismantling the downtown »klopotec«, wind rattle, a sour soup recipe competition, Martin's market, and they also prepare some local delicacies against the music background that gives pace to all the goings-on of the occasion. That much hustle and bustle spells fun and cheerful mingling with merry-making locals.

"Prleški sejem" fair

zabavni dogodek

Entertainment, enterprise, edibles, fairgrounds, and traditional crafts by the artisans of every description who showcase and sell their wares here, all local and one-of-the-kind items infuse the town fair atmosphere. The event is traditionally held in Ljutomer every first Saturday in August. The spacious Main Square is the center stage for the day with beautiful stalls set up along the thematic avenues dedicated to wines, local crafts, home-made delicacies, presentation of various local associations, entrepreneurship, custom-made jewelry and a knick knack flea market. Activities and hands-on workshops for children take place throughout the day so all generations that flock to the town are taken care of. Music performed by the best Slovenian folk groups helps to create a cheerful atmosphere, as Prlekijans are keen on taking a spin on the dance floor any time of day (or night, for that matter). If you happen to be around, hop over and see what's in it for you. Something most surely is.

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